Combat oil pollution with Halvorsen ORO systems.

Oil spills at sea present a significant challenge as the crude oil becomes heavy, viscous and difficult to gather up and transport to shore. The Halvorsen ORO system is a tailor-made system which transmits energy in the form of steam to the oil emulsion and reduces viscosity so that the oil is easier to pump.
  • The ORO system has been developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO).
  • Halvorsen Offshore AS supplies a steam unit mounted in a mobile container approved for offshore transportation.
  • The ORO system is also approved for use in explosive zones, in accordance with Norsok Z 015.

This is a flexible system which can be utilised both onshore and offshore.

ORO Tank Heating System

Halvorsen's ORO Tank Heating System is a tailor-made system which injects steam into oil emulsion in order to reduce the oil viscosity. The transfer of energy raises the temperature of the oil emulsion, which in turn reduces viscosity and makes the oil easier to pump.
With the Halvorsen ORO Tank Heating System, oil emulsion can be pumped into storage tanks onboard supply vessels then removed from the oil spill area at sea and to deposits onshore.


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