Low Voltage Systems

Main, emergency or distribution for Low Voltage Systems.
  • Meet relevant rules and regulations,
  • DNV, ABS and similar type approvals is part of the delivery.
  • Ratings up to 100KA may be delivered.
  • Worldwide supported components, such as breakers and electronic relays

Safest power distribution system with maximum mechanical design and constructive accidental arc fault protection.
  • has exceeded the highest test requirements according to customers’ and the new standard IEC/DIN 61439-2 and IEC/DIN 60439-1 part 2.
  • the highest safety version, limits the effects of an accidental arc to the compartment in which it originated. This ensures maximum personal protection.
  • guiding the accidental arc through special pressure release ducts (with automatically closing pressure relief dampers), preventing the accidental arc from affecting or jumping over to adjacent functional compartments.
  • has a withdraw able unit design equipped with a dual-movable contacting system and a special operating key. This excludes any accidents due to human error while inserting the withdraw able unit into the plant.


Bjørn Helleren 
​Manager MMO

tlf: 99 28 56 00


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