Degassing Unit

The Halvorsen degassing unit removes both particles, gases, water, oxygen and other unvanted compound from the oil in hydraulic and lube oil systems.

A revolution in the oil cleaning business

  • Better performance of the oil system,
  • Less maintenance
  • Less risk for unscheduled stop
  • Increased life time of the oil
  • Increased life time of the equipment
  • Small dimensions
  • High efficiency cleaning
  • PLC controlled
  • Touch screen with access to all important parameters
  • Hose break valves
  • Low electrical load
  • Our degassing unit can be used in all oil related system, such as:
  • Mineral lube oil systems
  • Synthetic lube oil systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Transformers
  • Etc

  • Water sensors
  • Particle counter
  • Oil polishing unit


Bjørn Helleren 
​Manager MMO
tlf: 99 28 56 00

Degassing unit from Halvorsen


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