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Boiler WT-1-VF - Multi compound water treatment

Utilization area
The product is a complex product to be used in boiler and warm water-units onshore and offshore to protect against corrosion and scaling.
Boiler WT-1-VF is made up to be an adequate complex product for units with or without thermomechanical dispel of oxygen in the feed-water.
Boiler WT-1-VF can be used in water and glycol based mixtures.

Boiler WT-1-F ia an aqueous of anticorrosive, scale inhibiting and oxygen removing components.
The oxygen fixation is based on DEHA, which also neutralises the acid effects of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) and gives provides alkalinity. DEHA scores
over conventional hydrazine hydrate since it is far less toxic
Additional anticorrosion effect is reached by a volatile amine connection very effective against both sweet and sour corrosion that might occur due to hydro- gen sulphide, organic acids and carbon dioxide.
The product contains an anionic polymer component to prevent scaling.

Physical qualities
Form / consistence    Fluid
Colour    Yellow
Solvent description    Soluble in water
Melting/freezing point    - 5oC interval
Density/specific gravity     0,97 – 1,02 g/ml at 20 oC
pH, concentrated solution    11,9
Viscosity (interval)    1 – 2 cps at 20 oC
Fiery point    > 80

Boiler WT-1-VF is qualified for use on the Norwegian continental shelf. Documentation for the product is available in HOCNF.*

Use of the product
The product is added in bulk in a closed circuit and with continuously injection apparatus for feed water / crude water. Application with a metering pump after eventual softening filter will be a normal solution.
The product is normally used in concentrations between 600 – 1000ppm. Contact your supplier (Halvorsen Offshore AS) for supervision.

* Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format



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